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Online reservation calendar for current members of Aikido of Missoula

Please use the calendar below to reserve a place in the classes available on our schedule.

To reserve a class simply select the date that you wish to train, and complete and confirm the reservation using the form presented.

Congratulations! You’ve reserved your space in that class.

A note on cancellations: Because our class sizes are very limited we respectfully request that you come to the classes that you sign up for. That said, we also understand that sometimes things come up. If you cannot make it, please use the CANCEL APPOINTMENT button in your email. This will free up the space on the calendar and allow another person to train.

If a class is full you will not be able to select it on the calendar. If you go to sign up for a class and it is not available we would like to know. Please email: letting her know that you were unable to reserve a class that you would have liked to attend, so that as we go along we can keep track of demand for classes.

The current schedule for training is Tuesday evenings from 6:45pm - 8pm and Friday evenings from 5:30pm - 7:00pm.

To reserve a spot click on one of the available dates below.

Important: Only current members of Aikido of Missoula may make reservations to train. See below for more information.



Important Reminders: 

All participants will need to be "current members," defined as having paid annual fees for 2021 and paying membership dues from the time they reenter the dojo. If your financial situation makes this challenging or impossible for you, please contact us and we will attempt to work out a viable solution.